VP Plaza Espana Design, Madrid, Spain

If you like a modern, brand new and high-tech luxury hotel, this is your place to stay in the center of Madrid, located on the very busy Plaza Espana and close to the even busier “Gran Via”. When you are looking for something more special or with a bit of local charm or history, look further. This is a 214-room chain hotel, not an edgy independent boutique hotel. If you are looking more for the latter, read my post on Totem Madrid.

I stayed here for 5 days on a business trip in Madrid and really enjoyed my stay. Arriving early evening, I was checked in promptly and took one of the fast and secure elevators (activated by room key) to my room on the eight floor.

Entrance door to my “Deluxe” room

As you can see above, this place did not go for cheap: elegant wooden door, fancy wallpaper, trendy black metal door handle… It is clear that this hotel company has spent a lot of money into making this a flagship of their brand. VP Hoteles appears to be a small chain of 5 hotels all located in Madrid.

When you open the door, you arrive into a (relatively long and small) entry hall with the bathroom on your right side.

VP Plaza Espana Design
Handy mirror right next to the door to check your hair before you go out 🙂

As you can see, there is actually another door after the entry hall, ensuring perfect sound insulation at night. This is a great advantage for sensitive sleepers and really shows their attention to detail (it also gives the bedroom a more cozy feeling). Also note the wooden floor throughout the room, which for me always wins from carpet in hotel rooms.
The same entry hall also has a very large wardrobe containing a big safe, which can easily take a laptop and camera.


Let’s now take a look at the bedroom itself.


The mattresses are as comfortable as they look. When I entered, the window blinds were down in “day mode”. You can also lower a more heavy black out curtain, which does a very good job making the room immune from outside light. They are both controlled with buttons and very easy to control (directly from the bed). The window is pretty much floor to ceiling and provides great views of the Plaza Espana.


As you can see, there is a curved outside glass layer on the outside of windows. This create a really cool facade from the outside, but obviously makes it a bit difficult to take pictures from the panorama.

The room features an over-sized flat screen television. It is a nice quality TV, but unfortunately, it was impossible to stream content from my iPhone to the TV (nor was there an iPhone app on the TV), so I ended up watching Netflix on the small screen of my laptop. It’s a pity that a brand new hotel doesn’t get this right, as it can make such a difference to your stay being able to watch your favorite movies and series on your hotel room TV.


As you can see in the next picture, you also get a practical work desk (with several power and USB outlets), a nespresso coffee maker and a minibar (the non-alcoholic drinks and beer are complimentary and they are replenished on a daily basis). The minibar is under the desk (behind the stainless door) and functioned noiselessly. The same was true for the air conditioning which I never heard working, but which kept the room perfectly cool. Not sure what the piece of non-descript hotel art is meant to represent. On the right side of the desk, immediately left from the desk light, there is a small B&O speaker. I tried to pair my iPhone but could not connect it.


At each side of the bed, you have a panel of buttons to control every light in the room (including different moods). All of them worked and actually did something obvious, which is rare in hotel rooms. And even better, the buttons themselves did not emit a lot of light at night (in some hotel rooms, these buttons which are right next to your bed light up during the night which is very unpleasant for light-sensitive sleepers). Only the control of the air conditioning emitted quite some light during the night, but this was a minor inconvenience. There were also multiple working USB outlets next to the bed, perfect for charging your mobile devices.

The headboard design is quite cool and really sets the tone of the room.

Another highlight of the room was the bathroom. it had a bath (not sure who ever uses that in a hotel) AND a huge rain shower. The shower had the easiest controls ever: a thermostat indicating temperature and simple buttons to switch on/off the shower. No elaborate mixing of cold and warm water supply needed to find the right temperature, just push a button and done.


In the middle of the bathroom, you get a huge bathroom sink with lots of place and great quality l’Occitane amenities. The soap was particularly pleasant to use, it had a very subtle perfume.


And on the right of the sink you have the toilet (and even a bidet, not visible on the picture).


Although the room is pretty nice, the coolest feature of this hotel is the wonderful terrace which has an excellent cocktail bar and offers fantastic views over Madrid.


During summer time, it even has a pool, which was covered with glass when I visited in spring. Below, a picture of the inside bar next to the terrace:


And yes, I felt obliged to test the cocktails. They taste well and presentation is cool. The one below is obviously tequila based.


Finally, the breakfast buffet offered a great choice of options and was very much above average and beautifully presented. Good coffee was available from a self-service Nespresso coffee maker. You could also order hot items, like French toast or pancakes (did not try those).

Rest assured, the breakfast was better than my pictures of it.



My conclusion

So, reading the above, you will not be surprised to know that I really liked this hotel. Its strong points are clearly:

  • It’s brand new: everything looks nice and shiny and works as it should
  • The terrace is just fantastic
  • Breakfast is great, no question about it

The negatives are:

  • It’s all nice and shiny but the design is not really original or edgy – it’s rather corporate sometimes (an example being the pretty nondescript art on the walls in the room)
  • You are definitely in the middle of it all, but the area is very busy – if you are looking for something quieter, this is not the location to stay (although the room itself is perfectly sound proofed)
  • TV did not support streaming content from iPhone (for those who care about this)
  • The “soft aspects” of the hotel were not consistent: there was a turn-down service on the first night but nothing on the four following nights (quality control?)

Would I stay again at the VP Plaza Espana Design? Yes! However, if I don’t have to be in the center of town, I would consider a quieter boutique hotel.

Which price would I be willing to pay? I do not know the price per night of my stay as it was booked for me by a client. I would probably not pay more than EUR 225 per night for this room (which is on the high end for my personal travel budget).

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