Totem Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Hotel Totem Madrid

This über-cool design hotel is located in the very posh “Salamanca” neighborhood of Madrid. Vintage style furniture, quirky details, high ceilings… this hotel is pushing all the right buttons.

When I stay in a city longer than a couple of days, I like to switch hotels in the middle of my stay. It introduces you to a new area of the city (and obviously, another hotel experience to (hopefully) enjoy). I was really glad that after spending my first few days in Madrid close to the bustling Gran Via, I discovered this hotel and its beautiful neighborhood. This rather ritzy barrio is filled with beautiful buildings and has its fair share of high-end restaurants and shops. It’s still not too far from the main sights, but a little bit off the main tourist routes. Just have a look at the pictures below and you will understand why I liked this neighborhood.

Hotel Totem Madrid
This is not the hotel, but a picture of the area around.

And another one…

Hotel Totem Madrid
Another picture of the surrounding area of the hotel.

But ok, enough about the neighborhood, let’s focus on the hotel. This boutique hotel has 64 rooms spread on 5 floors. I stayed in room 103, a Deluxe Exterior room.

Hotel Totem Madrid

I forgot to take a picture of the view, but the room looks out on a pretty regular side street.

The room has a very minimalist design, using luxury materials and finishes. The first thing that strikes you when entering are the wooden floors, very high ceiling and the remarkable blue color of the walls.

Hotel Totem Madrid

As you may expect, the elegant little desk (which you can move around) is not the most practical to work on, but it’s fine for a short session on your laptop.

Obviously, there is a big and comfy bed. I slept really well in this bed. So good, actually that I slept through my alarm on the day of my departure and missed my train to Valencia.

Hotel Totem Madrid review

The room had a minibar with some original candy, including some happy pills for those in need 🙂


The minibar was quite noisy, which was slightly annoying at night. A bit unfortunate that a high-end hotel did not invest in a more quiet minibar system. However, I did find out there is a switch inside the minibar to turn it off.

The room has a huge en-suite bathroom which you access through a sliding door in the small entry hall of the room.


And here is the bathroom itself.


It was very spacious (actually even felt a little empty) with an excellent rain shower. The toiletries were organic and from Handmade Beauty.

I had dinner in the restaurant one night. The food was definitely good but not exceptional. There is a very stylish cocktail bar on the ground floor which has a kind of 60s feel to it with a tropical vibe – I really enjoyed reading my newspaper there in the morning. The bar was very quiet though during my stay, but I can imagine this to be very busy on a Saturday night.

The receptionists were pleasant enough but service was not the quickest. It took them a long time to print my train ticket – and they could see that I was obviously waiting for it.

My conclusion:

The strong points of this hotel are:

  • The original design and spacious feel of the rooms
  • Beautiful common areas like the cocktail bar
  • Its location in a very pleasant and quiet up-scale neighborhood

What could be improved:

  • Small details like making sure the minibar does not disturb guests’ sleep
  • Service-mindedness at reception desk
  • Bathroom of the room I was staying in was perhaps a bit too minimal in terms of design

What price did I pay for this room? EUR 159 per night.

Would I stay here again? Yes, definitely.

For other options in Madrid, check out my reviews of Dear Hotel and VP Plaza Espana Design.

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