Dear Hotel, Madrid, Spain

The Dear Hotel in Madrid is a tasteful, yet very affordable option in the center of Madrid, located on the always bustling Gran Via and the Plaza Espana. It’s a great base for a short weekend trip to Madrid. There is a roof terrace with a (rather tiny) pool but with magnificent views over the city.


The above picture is actually the view from the “Sky Pool”, but be warned, the “pool” is about the size of a jacuzzi and fits two or three people. The pictures on the hotel website make it look quite a bit larger than reality, so don’t be fooled 😉

The view from the other side of the roof terrace was not too bad either:


The hotel is very well connected with public transport – there is an entrance to the metro almost in front of the hotel entrance which is on the corner between the Gran Via and the Plaza Espana. The Gran Via is one of the main avenues in Madrid and is filled with grand buildings.

Hotel Dear Madrid review
View of the street where the hotel is located.

Entering the relatively small lobby I was greeted warmly by a young receptionist. As my room was not yet ready (I was quite early), I left my luggage at the reception and ventured into the city to come back a few hours later. I had a standard room on the 4th flour (room 402).


Although the room was small, I really liked it. The design combined clean white walls with subtle color elements, design furniture and original art. It also had a lot of natural light and I must admit I have a weakness for the herringbone parquet on the floor.



The nice little table and the comfy chair were great to plan my days in Madrid, but probably not the best to do work stuff, as the table was quite small. The air conditioning and wifi both worked without fault.


The room looked out onto the Plaza Espana. I was worried at first that there would be a lot of traffic noise, but I was really happy to find out that the room was very well sound proofed. You cannot see it on the picture, but I think the windows had triple glazing.

Dear Hotel Madrid review

As you can see, the small entry hall has a black metal clothes rack. The safe and minibar were also part of it. This picture also shows that this room has fairly low ceilings, which is one of its negatives. The entry hall gives you access to the small bathroom.

Dear Hotel Madrid review

The bathroom is obviously compact given the general small size of the room. It is finished in black stone and wood and has a bit of a hammam vibe. While definitely not the most luxurious bathroom I have ever seen, I liked the overall feel of it.

Dear Hotel Madrid review

Decent rain shower? Check.

Dear Hotel Madrid review

I did not try the breakfast at the hotel (not included in my rate), but found a great breakfast option nearby (Faborit) which had good coffee, juices and pastries and is on the less touristy side of the Plaza Espana. However, I can imagine having breakfast on the 14th floor of the hotel must be very pleasant with the beautiful views on the city.

My conclusion:

This hotel can be a good option for you for the following reasons:

  • I think it really offers great value for money (at the time of this review, rooms are going for around EUR 100 per night) and is much nicer than the typical options in this budget range. The hotel has been around for some time now and still has a 4.2 rating on Google reviews
  • with its central location and easy connections, it’s perfect for a first weekend trip to Madrid
  • the room is very well sound-proofed – you don’t hear the outside traffic noise at all
  • a lot of natural light in the room

Why you may not like it:

  • The room is on the small side and does not have the highest ceilings
  • While a lot of attention was given to the design, the finishes are not as high-end as in more expensive hotels. If you are looking for high-end (and willing to spend more), you could check out one of these options in Madrid: Totem Madrid or VP Plaza Espana Design
  • the location is very busy – if you prefer a quieter location, check out Totem Madrid

What did I pay for this room? EUR 115 per night.

Would I stay here again? Yes, for a weekend trip definitely.

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