Devonshire Club, London

Devonshire Club review

Staying in a London private club that describes itself as “unashamedly luxurious” seemed like an opportunity that I could not miss. Obviously such a statement sets high expectations. Were they met? Read below my honest review of a one night stay in one of the Devonshire Club’s standard rooms.

I had to be in London for a one day seminar in a venue in Saint Paul’s – so was looking at a few options within reasonable distance from the venue. In the end I came up with two options, the Devonshire Club or Nobu Shoreditch. I booked very last minute with HotelTonight and the first one had the best price so I locked it in quickly.

The location was very convenient for me, just a two minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station. The club is located in an old 18th century warehouse on a nice square with a lot of restaurants nearby, which seemed to attract the employees from the nearby office buildings.

The lobby was a small but classy area and was well staffed with three receptionist, who were very polished and polite. I didn’t take pictures of the lobby as it feels a little awkward with three receptionist staring at you, sorry for that ;).

In a few minutes I had my room key, jumped in the elevator, and was walking the corridor to find my room (one of the 63 rooms in this hotel).

Devonshire Club London review

So far, I had a really good impression. Tasteful color schemes, some touches of wood here and there. Definitely high-end, but without going extravagant.

I opened the door to my room and had a first glimpse.

Devonshire Club Review

Yes, looks tiny. That is what I thought as well. Luckily, the designer did a great effort to liven up the room a bit.


To be honest, I am not completely convinced about the wallpaper behind the bed. I do like the design though of the two bedside lamps – they are very elegant. The bed itself, which was a queen size I think, was very comfortable.


Next to the bed, there is a mini table with a little red pouf underneath. This serves as the coffee/tea area and work area. Obviously, there is not nearly enough space to use it for both purposes at the same time. So, if you want to do some work, you will need to move some of the stuff like tea cups to the bedside table. My laptop just about fitted, but I would not want to work there for hours (wifi was good and included in room rate).

However, the great thing about this area of the room is that it houses the minibar, which did not contain alcohol, but was entirely free and well stocked with premium drinks (Fever Tree and the likes). There were also Nespresso pads for use in the espresso maker and a couple of snacks (Pringles) (free as well).

The television in the room had Apple TV, so good connectivity for iPhone users and I could watch my favorite Netflix series on the big screen. There were some issues though – I had to reconnect several times. Not sure if this was due to my phone or to the setup in the room.

There was some understated artwork on the wall, with silhouettes from an old fashion catalog.


And I am glad there was a decent television, since the view from the window was a little bit sad…


The room had a compact bathroom, which was finished with high quality materials.



There was a decent walk-in rain shower. No place for a bath obviously.

Devonshire Club Review

Toiletries are from T London.


My conclusion

This hotel has definitely a couple of strengths:

  • I liked the immediate area around the hotel with lots of restaurants, also for a quick bite
  • The hotel is finished up to a very high quality level
  • I loved the free minibar – it is a small thing, but it is so comfortable to just be able to grab a drink without having to think about the exorbitant cost normally charged for your in-room Coke

The downsides are the following:

  • The room is tiny and its view is a bit depressing
  • Although a ton of money was clearly spent on it, the design does not make me feel very much, looks like money does not always buy creativity
  • This is a club, so it has many facilities like different bars, a restaurant, fitness, etc. but the receptionists did not bother to explain what is on offer or give you a quick tour
  • I did a quick tour of the bar myself, but it was deserted apart from two drunk Brits…

What did I pay for the room? 214 EUR a night.

Would I stay here again? No, I think there are better options in London.

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